Philly Blunt

Getting away from Stress with The Philly Blunt Podcast by Teagan Kuruna

This interview with the hosts of The Philly Blunt Podcast is part of a series highlighting podcasts participating in Philly Podfest 2019. See the full line-up of live shows on our Schedule page.

by Melinda Lewis


The Philly Blunt Podcast started like any great project does: Quizzo and chance encounters. Since joining forces Quizmaster Johnny Goodtimes, MC Reef the Lost Cauze, and Jawnville writer Violations Greg have developed a podcast that celebrates Philadelphia through bringing focus to the people who live and work here and the bars that act as second homes. Allowing their guests to choose the bar Johnny, Reef, and Greg bring a down home vibe to the podcast. “Historically, bars are where communities gather to discuss the world around them . . .” says Greg. “We couldn’t think of a better setting to discuss a wide range of topics with amazing people in a relaxing atmosphere away from the stresses of the world.” And their biweekly conversations on The Philly Blunt extends that atmosphere to its listeners. 

Their conversations are the ones you catch yourself eavesdropping on because everybody at the table seems to be bringing the jokes and compelling stories. Part of this feeling is due to the locale, the sense of familiarity we feel at our Philadelphia bar, but it’s also fostered by the hosts who are adept interviewers. Talking with those like author Jennifer Wiener, food critic Craig Laban, and comedian Chip Chantry their ability to make an interview with strangers more like a conversation is just one of the reasons why Philly Mag included the podcast as one of the “Top 5 Best Philly Podcasts to Listen to Right Now” earlier this year. 

When asked about their favorite element about Philadelphia, the hosts responded with the Philadelphia’s interconnectedness, it’s lack of ego, and a city fully of legends without the pretentiousness of other cities. The very things they love about the city are what they embody and celebrate in The Philly Blunt Podcast, which will be live at National Liberty Museum on Sunday, July 21 at 1:00 pm. While they have something planned, they’re not giving anything away. Greg adds, “In reality though, we’ll probably change our minds thirty times, scramble the day before, and pull off something amazing. That’s the plan, at least.”