Sunday, August 28 @ Tattooed Mom by Teagan Kuruna

It's the last day of the fourth annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, but never fear, we have five great shows on deck! 

SUNDAY, AUGUST 28 @ TATTOOED MOM - 530 South St, Philadelphia
2pm - It Came from the Indies
3pm - Teagan Goes Vegan
4pm - Cinemosity
5pm - Dissecting the 80s
6pm - Black Tribbles (Part 2)

Saturday, August 27 @ Tattooed Mom by Teagan Kuruna

We're back for Philadelphia Podcast Festival weekend #2. We kick off with the thoughtful Humble Mumbles and close out the day with live burlesque on Sex with Timaree. Come hang out at Tattooed Mom with us, have a drink or some tots, and enjoy the show!

SATURDAY, AUGUST 27 @ TATTOOED MOM - 530 South St, Philadelphia
1pm - Humble Mumbles
2pm - Never Forget Radio
3pm - Broad Street Line
4pm - Doom Thugs
5pm - Jawn Appetit
6pm - Sex with Timaree

Saturday, August 20 @ the Philadelphia Podcast Festival by Teagan Kuruna

Today, more shows will record live episodes than any other day in Philadelphia Podcast Festival history: 


Come out and support local independent media. Shows are recording at Tattooed Mom, Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Art Church of Philadelphia, and Moonshine Philly. The full schedule for today is: 

MOONSHINE PHILLY - 1825 E Moyamensing Ave Philadelphia, PA
12pm - Real Repo Radio

ART CHURCH - 5219 Webster St, Philadelphia
4pm - The Voice of Free Planet X

AMALGAM COMICS - 2578 Frankford Ave, Philadelphia
12pm - Didja Eat?
1pm - Super Hero Speak
2pm - Comic Book Junto
3pm - Story Shuffle
4pm - A Quest for Magic and Steele
5pm - Retro Superplex
6pm - Black Tribbles (Part 1)

TATTOOED MOM - 530 South St, Philadelphia
1pm - The Idiots
2pm - Highlander Rewatched
3pm - Stark Raven Mad
4pm - Appointment Television
5pm - Drink Drank Drunk
6pm - Overdue

PPF 2016 Schedule Posted by Teagan Kuruna

The 2016 Philadelphia Podcast Festival schedule is up on our Schedule page! We're delighted to welcome a great selection of new and returning shows, plus multiple new venues. Come on out to Tattooed Mom, Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse, The Art Church Of West Philadelphia, and our other venues to hear and interact with some local media makers. We thank you for your support!

Thank you for a great Philly Pod Fest! by Teagan Kuruna

The third annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival was a huge success! We couldn’t have entertained more than 300 audience members without the support of our sponsors:

Tattooed Mom
Fireball Printing
The Philadelphia Podcasting Society
Doug Crissman Graphic Design
Click/Save Photography
Bridgeset Sound
KungFu Necktie

And a huge thank you to all the shows that participated this year:

Stark Raven Mad
It Came From The Indies
PhillyCAM Radio
Overdue Podcast
Talking Nerdy
The Spirit of the Riverwards
Didja Eat?
Super Hero Speak
25 O’Clock Podcast
Dreamers Podcast
Going to Hell
Down and Out Radio
Comedy, Food, Sports
Weekend Quality
LesBe Real Radio Talk
The Moneycast
Never Forget Radio
Humble Mumbles
Master Of The Arts
Sex With Timaree
Out Of Touch
The Broad Street Line Philly
Story Shuffle
Black Tribbles

We’ll see you next year with an even bigger, better Festival!