Check out PhillyCAM this Saturday! / by Teagan Kuruna

We have some great shows coming up at PhillyCAM this Saturday afternoon! 

PhillyCAM and WPPM Live Podcast

"You know PhillyCAM and WPPM wanted in the fun sooo, on Saturday, July 22nd, three of WPPM's radio shows will be broadcasting live from 12-3 pm in front of a studio audience. Come and check out Craic Radio, Fully Baked Radio, and the Black Tribbles do a special edition of their show for the podcast fest!"

12:00 pm - Craic Radio
CRAIC Radio’s “Music Makers” segment will highlight three Philadelphia based artists, Hurricane Hoss, Greg Sover, and Sonja Sofya with live in-studio performances and interviews.

1:00 pm - Fully Baked Radio
Fully Baked radio will feature a live musical performance by Ovid the Poet and special guests, The Terp Boys

2:00 pm - Black Tribbles
Soul Tribble Train featuring Zilla Rocca and Ghetto Songbird - From Black Tribbles
 "Get on board THE HIPPEST GEEKIEST TRIP IN PHILLY! Black Tribbles &PhillyCAM present SOUL TRIBBLE TRAIN, a Dance Podcast in the tradition of the Groovy 70s Classic! Non-stop boogie, baby! Not a Soul Train line - take a stroll down Amalgam Way with Ariell R. Johnson of Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, Inc.! A Geekwhozit replaces the Scrambleboard! PLUS special musical performances by Philly's own Zilla Rocca and GhettoSongBird! JUst come to dance, Dance, DANCE!!!! Black Tribbles are proud participants of The Philadelphia Podcasting Society 5th Annual PHILADELPHIA PODCAST FESTIVAL"