Q&A with Lulu and Pop / by Teagan Kuruna

We have so many great podcasts participating in the 5th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, so we're highlighting some of them in this Q&A series. Lulu and Pop will be recording live on Saturday, July 15 at 6:00pm at Tattooed Mom. You can find the full schedule of live shows here.


How did your show come about? How did you meet your co-hosts? We met while working at a Starbucks in West Philly, I was Mark’s Supervisor, we started a friendship, a few weeks later we were dating, and a few weeks later we moved in together.  Four years later we were married!  

Are there episodes you consider your “greatest hits?” Which ones are good “entry” points for new listeners? One of our favorite episodes is episode number 13 which we recorded in Punta Cana but we also recommend episode 01 which is a good introduction.

What do you appreciate most about this medium? We love that we can do it together.  It’s basically another fun date for us where we get to have these conversations about things we find important or funny and then can then share them with whomever wants to listen!

What do you most look forward to when doing live shows? How does the show change? We look forward to connecting with our listeners and possibly making some new ones.  We are looking forward to the audience aspect of it and the fact that we can interact with other people.  Also we’ll have to wear pants….which rarely happens on the show.

Where can people find your podcast and hosts? 
Instagram: @Luluandpop
Twitter: @lulupop
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/luluandpop Spreaker: https://www.spreaker.com/show/lulu-and-pop-an-interracial-love-jawn