tattooed mom

Many of our shows are at Tattooed Mom on South Street. Tattooed Mom takes great pride in being able to provide a space for Philadelphia's creative community to gather and explore ideas. Their continued support allows live shows at Tattooed Mom to be free to everyone!

indy hall

Indy Hall exists to make Philadelphia (and ultimately the world) a better place to earn a living doing work that everyone is proud of. They believe that work is done best when we work together, and so everything they do is designed to help form meaningful, lasting relationships. Indy Hall has generously donated their space so all shows there are free!

the national liberty museum

Located in the heart of historic Philadelphia, the National Liberty Museum brings liberty to life through stories of people whose character and courage have expanded liberty for all. The Museum’s exhibits, educational experiences and public programs inspire visitors to think about liberty as an ongoing human quest that we all share. All live shows recorded at the National Liberty Museum are “pay what you wish,” and get you free museum admission.