PPF 2016 Schedule Posted by Teagan Kuruna

The 2016 Philadelphia Podcast Festival schedule is up on our Schedule page! We're delighted to welcome a great selection of new and returning shows, plus multiple new venues. Come on out to Tattooed Mom, Amalgam Comics and Coffeehouse, The Art Church Of West Philadelphia, and our other venues to hear and interact with some local media makers. We thank you for your support!

Thank you for a great Philly Pod Fest! by Teagan Kuruna

The third annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival was a huge success! We couldn’t have entertained more than 300 audience members without the support of our sponsors:

Tattooed Mom
Fireball Printing
The Philadelphia Podcasting Society
Doug Crissman Graphic Design
Click/Save Photography
Bridgeset Sound
KungFu Necktie

And a huge thank you to all the shows that participated this year:

Stark Raven Mad
It Came From The Indies
PhillyCAM Radio
Overdue Podcast
Talking Nerdy
The Spirit of the Riverwards
Didja Eat?
Super Hero Speak
25 O’Clock Podcast
Dreamers Podcast
Going to Hell
Down and Out Radio
Comedy, Food, Sports
Weekend Quality
LesBe Real Radio Talk
The Moneycast
Never Forget Radio
Humble Mumbles
Master Of The Arts
Sex With Timaree
Out Of Touch
The Broad Street Line
Technical.ly Philly
Story Shuffle
Black Tribbles

We’ll see you next year with an even bigger, better Festival!

More press for #PhillyPodFest by Teagan Kuruna

The love for Philly Pod Fest continues:

PHILLY WEEKLY: "The final three days of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival feature more engaging, mostly-free live shows featuring some of our city’s awesome, acclaimed hosts: We’re talking Never Forget Radio, Sex with Timaree,  Technical.ly Philly and The Black Tribbles, and scores of others. Listen, learn and laugh!"

GEEKADELPHIA, round 2: "Be a part of tons of cool, live podcast recordings, including Technical.ly Philly and Geek Award winners the Black Tribbles!"

Join us today at Tattooed Mom starting at noon and tonight at Bridgeset Sound at 9pm.

Extra, extra, read all about it! Press for Philly Pod Fest! by Teagan Kuruna

Philly Pod Fest has been getting great press over the past few days. Take a look at some of the ways we've been featured by Philadelphia media:

NEWSWORKS: "Learn all about podcasting at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, back for a third year, August 28 through September 6, showcasing 27 Philadelphia podcasts over two weekends of live episode recordings."

PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE: "All weekend, Philadelphia podcasts, like Stark Raving Mad, Talking Nerdy and RUD2F, will film live at the South Street dive bar, so you can not only join in the fun (with beer!) but see what happens behind the scenes when these shows are made. Plus, you may walk away with a few new favorite downloads to accompany you on the way to work every day." 

CITY PAPER: "Some of the podcasts on this year's schedule include Philly's beloved geeks the Black Tribbles and frenetic crew RU-D2F, which festival organizers say 'is comprised of five Philadelphia improvisers, each with a deep and confusing love for reality shows featuring garbage humans.' Add alcohol as a catalyst to that formula, and you can imagine how that goes."

GEEKADELPHIA: "Personally my favorite pick of the whole weekend, the Philadelphia Podcast Festival: The third annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival wants to entertain and educate you using the digital medium of podcasting...The lineup is extensive. Go to a few live tapings or marathon the whole weekend, you’re sure to learn a few things and get some laughs in!"

Are you Getting excited? We are! by Teagan Kuruna

In just two short days, we'll kick off the 3rd annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival with Stark Raven Mad recording at Tattooed Mom. 

Are you on social media? Of course you are! You're a cool person! We're using



on all social media channels. Be sure to use it when you Tweet and Instagram and Tumblr about what an awesome time you're having.

Now's the time to plan your schedule. And remember, almost every show is free (and the one at Kung Fu Necktie is only $7 so it's like you're getting 24+ hours of entertainment for $7).

philadelphia podcast festival 2015 Schedule! by Teagan Kuruna

All events are at Tattoed Mom 530 South St Philadelphia unless otherwise specified.

Friday, 8/28

7pm Stark Raven Mad


Saturday, 8/29

12pm It Came From The Indies

1pm PhillyCAM Radio

2pm Overdue

3pm Talking Nerdy

4pm The Spirit

5pm Didja Eat?

6pm Super Hero Speak

7pm Philadelphia Podcasting Society Meetup

9pm 25 O’Clock Podcast @ Bridgeset Sound - 710 South St Philadelphia


Sunday, 8/30

12pm Dreamers Podcast

1pm What Is Podcasting / “Create a Podcast” activity

2pm Going to Hell

3pm Down and Out Radio

4pm Comedy, Food, Sports

5pm RUD2F?

6pm “Create a Podcast” results


Friday, 9/4

8pm-11pm Weekend Quality @ Kung Fu Necktie - 1250 N Front St, Philadelphia

Saturday, 9/5

12pm LesBe Real Radio Talk

1pm The Moneycast

2pm Never Forget Radio

3pm Humble Mumbles

4pm Master Of The Arts

6pm Sex With Timaree

9pm 25 O’Clock Podcast @ Bridgeset Sound - 710 South St Philadelphia


Sunday, 9/6

12pm Out Of Touch

1pm The Broad Street Line

2pm Technical.ly Philly

4pm Story Shuffle

6pm Black Tribbles