Press coverage for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival


PHILLY VOICE: "The festival is an opportunity to get behind the scenes of a favorite show, or to find a new podcast to binge and obsess over."

WRNB 100.3: "Are you a fan of podcasts or want to see how things work behind the scenes?...Starting on June 22, you will be able to see how podcasts are produced."

DAILYLOCALNEWS.COM: In an article about third-time festival participant Dissecting the 80s - “We loved the movie[s] as kids, but that doesn’t always mean they hold up when you revisit them, so I’m excited to talk about it.”


PHILLY.COM #1: "For clues on how big and lucrative the world of podcasting is getting, consider the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, planting flags at nine area venues this Friday night through July 23...this year, there will be 55 sessions hosted by locals, with many more who 'couldn’t be accommodated,' Kuruna said."

PHILLY.COM #2: "Topics on We Got This! include “Best Color of the Rainbow,” “Best Movie Snack,” “Pirates or Vikings,” and “Bar Soap vs. Liquid Soap vs. Foam Soap” — minor, sure, but topics close to our hearts. Often, decisions come from celebrity guests like Philly’s own comedian and actor Paul F. Tompkins or former Mythbusters cohost Adam Savage."

NEWSWORKS: "For the fifth year going, you can pull up a seat and — here's the twist — watch as podcasts are recorded throughout this city at a variety of venues for the Philadelphia Podcast Festival or PPF. Beginning Friday and running through July 23, the PPF will feature 55 local podcasts;  some are free to watch, others require tickets."

TECHNICAL.LY: “'As our lineup grows, so does the diversity of podcasts we’re able to include. This year, podcasts are about a wide range of topics — everything from pop culture, movies, books, and comics to true crime, sexuality, and race.'”

GEEKADELPHIA #1: "The Philadelphia Podcast Festival is upon us once again, and along with a variety of funny, educational, and niche podcasts, our city is being graced with the presence of Dr. Sydnee McElroy and her husband Justin of the McElroy Brothers family of products!"

GEEKADELPHIA #2: "With the live crowd involved, the [We Got This with Mark and Hal] taping will have an additional energy to it that will make that episode truly pop and bring out some truly excellent debate about the finer things in life."

PHILLY VOICE: "The Philadelphia Podcast Festival is a little like speed dating. You pick a podcast series that interests you, go to a live recording of it and then either fall in love or try your luck with a different one the next day. There are plenty of fish in the sea." 

BILLY PENN: "Philly lowkey has a lot of podcasts, and this event will feature more than [55] local series. An additional seven podcast teams will travel to Philly from all over the country for the event. The vast majority of the live recordings are free."

METRO PHILLY #1: '"I don't think there's one overarching theme or connection because they're all reflective of the creativity Philly holds,” Kuruna said. 'Rather than a homogenous group, Philly's podcasts are varied in content [true crime, sex, race, comedy, sports, movies, music, etc.] and format [roundtable, interviews, scripted fiction].'"

METRO PHILLY #2: "While Philadelphians are podcasting fans like anyone else, certain members of the community have turned to creating their own audio masterpieces. Thankfully, there is a festival in town that celebrates these local personalities, inviting fans to meet them in person and possibly even get introduced to a new favorite."

ASBURY PARK PRESS: "This summer’s edition of the Philadelphia Podcast Festival will feature a dizzying array of events," including Sawbones, the Flop House, and We Got This with Mark and Hal.

THE FLAT CIRCLE #1: "'The default assumption is that podcasts are all about movies and comics, or are just a bunch of white guys talking, or are really polished like RadioLab or Serial or This American Life. We know that’s not the case, and especially not in Philly.'"

THE FLAT CIRCLE #2: "Both Philadelphia-area podcasts and broader national shows are on the docket for the festival. The fifth year of the event is a tremendous opportunity to indulge in such a diverse segment of entertainment and maybe add a few more shows to your listening rotation."


NEWSWORKS: "The Philadelphia Podcast Festival is back for a 4th year, August 19-28, showcasing more than 30 Philadelphia podcasts at four venues with live episode recordings, designed to entertain and educate through the digital medium." 

BEN FM'S WOMAN OF THE WEEK PODCAST: "The Philadelphia Podcast Society hopes to build community among podcasters in the greater Philadelphia area through socialization, information sharing, resource exchange, and events, including PPF. The Society was founded by Nathan and Teagan Kuruna. Teagan joins Marilyn on this episode of Woman of the Week to share details on both the Festival and Podcast Society."

GEEKADELPHIA: "The podcasts are coming. Can you hear it? The dulcet tones of various podcasters will be taking over a couple of Philly locations in the last two weekends of August for the 4th annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival. This year the festival has grown exponentially as more and more Philadelphians pick up a mic to share their stories and thoughts." The Philadelphia Podcast Festival is also one of this week's Geekend picks!

PHILEBRITY: "Attention nerds of the Serial/WTF variety: Philly Podcast Fest is fast approaching. Now in its fourth year, the Philadelphia Podcast Festival kicks off this weekend, shining a lot of light onto a scene that probably doesn’t get enough press — Philly’s ever-expanding podcasting scene." 

PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE (Weekend # 1): "Discover your next podcast addiction at the fourth annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival. It starts Friday and runs through August 28th, with a wide variety of podcasts being recorded live at Tattooed Mom and a few other spots. Topics range from the NSFW on Sex with Timaree, to food talk from DidjaEat?, to all the books you’ve been meaning to read broken down on Overdue."

PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE (Weekend #2): "It’s the last day of the fourth annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, featuring food tastings with Teagan Goes Vegan, celeb gossip and movie talk with Cinemosity, the Philly Geek Awards favorite Black Tribbles and more, recording live at Tattooed Mom."

TECHNICAL.LY PHILLY: "'The festival is something we do because we love it, not because we want to make money...We hope that people come away from the festival excited that they saw their favorite shows live — and maybe even had a chance to meet the hosts,' said Teagan. 'We also hope that people feel energized knowing that Philadelphia has a thriving independent media community, and that they become inspired to start creating their own content.'”

PHILADELPHIA WEEKLY: "The Phil­adelphia Pod­cast Fest­iv­al cel­eb­rates its fourth year, and will be host­ing more than 30 pod­casts over the course of the nine-day fest­iv­al. Re­cord­ing live at Tat­tooed Mom, Am­al­gam Com­ics & Cof­fee­house, Moon­shine Philly, and Art Church, the pod­casts fo­cus on everything from sports to ve­gan­ism and everything in between."

THE SPIRIT OF THE RIVERWARDS: "Now in its fourth year, Kuruna reports that 33 local podcasters have signed up to participate in the festival. For the annual event, podcasters take their shows out of the online oblivion and allow listeners a chance to put a face to their audio and catch them daringly unedited." 


NEWSWORKS: "Learn all about podcasting at the Philadelphia Podcast Festival, back for a third year, August 28 through September 6, showcasing 27 Philadelphia podcasts over two weekends of live episode recordings."

PHILADELPHIA MAGAZINE: "All weekend, Philadelphia podcasts, like Stark Raving Mad, Talking Nerdy and RUD2F, will film live at the South Street dive bar, so you can not only join in the fun (with beer!) but see what happens behind the scenes when these shows are made. Plus, you may walk away with a few new favorite downloads to accompany you on the way to work every day."

CITY PAPER: "Some of the podcasts on this year's schedule include Philly's beloved geeks the Black Tribbles and frenetic crew RU-D2F, which festival organizers say 'is comprised of five Philadelphia improvisers, each with a deep and confusing love for reality shows featuring garbage humans.' Add alcohol as a catalyst to that formula, and you can imagine how that goes."

GEEKADELPHIA: "Personally my favorite pick of the whole weekend, the Philadelphia Podcast Festival: The third annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival wants to entertain and educate you using the digital medium of podcasting...The lineup is extensive. Go to a few live tapings or marathon the whole weekend, you’re sure to learn a few things and get some laughs in!"